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Quick Overview

Infocrat Solutions Ltd. started its operation on June, 2007 as an information systems/software application development farm; by a passionate and dedicated team. We are the optimized team blend; composed with domain-experts, tech-experts, QC personnel developing generalized as well as customized software solutions for business & industrial operations.

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We are working here with the motto of “Easy & Simple Solutions”. Infocrat business solutions are designs in order to simplify the business procedures, reasoning business operations, monitoring & control procedures, strategic peoples planning Dash Boards, DSS, MIS features. We also serve our customers for business systems consultancy along with BPO, Back Office Services, Data Services, Implementation as well as software service and maintenance.

Infocrat solutions Ltd. is a R&D based information systems development firm; architected by some dedicated and devoted tech-explorer who are passionate in technology surfing! Our domain experts are the foremost surgeon in perfect business solution development suitable for large scale industrial atomization.

Our strategy and objects are to provide complete information system solution including system consultancy, software application development & deployment, IT infrastructure development, data server, application server, as well as information system cultivation. Some of our manufacturing customers are in big comfort in their business operation receiving our Back Office Service (BOS) as well as Business Process Outsource (BPO).

Technical Outline

Methodology: There is no short cut procedure/ technique that will ensure that in one fine morning a perfect software product will be delivered to customer!’ It’s required a subsequent recursion in order to develop a perfect software solution. More than twelve (12) years we are practicing Iterative & incremental development process and it’s a continuous process. Infocrat ensure the following strategies;

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Tools & Technologies: As a R&D based organization Infocrat always invoke latest technologies like:


Infocrat’s corporate policies


Simplification is an art of positive phenomenon; we Infocrat are also in the race of simplifying our service beneficiaries life!


There is nothing to excuse except quality that deliver by engineering process!

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Infocrat teams are highly experienced in software solution implementation.


We feel responsibility of service beneficiary’s business operations. And we are ready for ‘business operation procedure improve & optimize before deploy software application.’


It’s the Infocrat’s one of the invested capitals that motivate & encourage us to start the journey.


We believe, ‘discipline for transparency’. Our every work takes some procedure and documentation in order to keep the works transparent.

Knowledge Based

Existing knowledge mining is essential in order to ensure that there is nothing like: ‘reinvent the wheel!’


  • ESimSol Textile ERP


    Tools & Technology : C#, .Net, ASP, Java Script, MS SQL Server 2012

    Features & Functionality : Trade finance, Supply chain, Inventory & Warehousing, Sales, Marketing, Laboratory, Production & Production Schedule Management, QC & Packaging, Distribution, Accounts, DSS, MIS

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  • ESimSol Buying & Garment ERP

    Tools & Technology : C#, .Net, ASP, Java Script, MS SQL Server 2012

    Features & Functionality : Order Management, Sourcing & Supply, Commercial Mgt., Production, QC Management, Accounting, HCM, Courier Management, MIS & DSS, Dashboard

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  • ESimSol HRM & Payroll

    Tools & Technology : C#, .Net, ASP, Java Script, MS SQL Server 2012

    Features & Functionality : Sift wise Attendance Management, Leave Management, Holiday Management, Salary Scheme, Payroll, Disciplinary Action, Promotion, Transfer, Recruitment, Employee Role Management

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  • ESimSol Financial ERP

    Tools & Technology : C#, .Net, ASP, Java Script, MS SQL Server 2012

    Features & Functionality : All financial operations include advance practices. Strong interfacing with other applications (ERP) for financial accounts.

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Few of our service beneficiaries

  • Al-Muslim Group
  • Akij Textile Mills Ltd.
  • Aps Group
  • Baly Group
  • Everway Yarn Dyeing Ltd.
  • Golden Refit Garments Ltd.
  • H.R.M Sourcing Ltd.
  • Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute & Hospital
  • Mithela Textile Industries Ltd.
  • MWUK Ltd.
  • Paramount Textile Ltd.
  • Pioneer knitwear's (BD) Ltd.
  • Posmi Sweaters Ltd.
  • Progress Motors Imports Ltd.
  • Rayontex Ltd.
  • Tuli Trading Ltd.
  • Wangs Textile Ltd.
  • and more...

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